Classic Full Body Massage

This massage helps to improve and maintain health and well-being. It relaxes the muscles, promotes blood circulation and helps against stress. A full-body massage makes for physical and emotional well-being.
25 min. CHF 60.-
50 min CHF 110.-

Aromatic Oil Massage 

The gentle massage with fragrant oils releases physical and mental tension. Finely tuned scents appeal to the emotions as well, soothing and relaxing both the body and the soul. 
25 min. CHF 70.-
50 min. CHF 120.-

Herbal Stamp Massage

Warm stamps with extracts of 12 different herbs, sea salt and 100% natural oils have a detoxifying and purifying effect and deliver a wonderful experience of well-being.
60 min. CHF 140.-

Face, Décolleté and Neck Massage

A massage offering deep relaxation.
25 min. CHF 60.- 


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