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film festival

Film Festival Locarno

The Locarno Film Festival is the most important film festival in Switzerland. A special feature is the use of the Piazza Grande as a screening area, one of the largest in the world with one of the largest cinema screens in Europe (26 metres long and 14 metres high), which can seat 8,000 spectators.

Moon&Stars Musikfestival Locarno

Moon and Stars

Moon&Stars is the music festival that attracts the stars of pop, rock and rap music and tens of thousands of visitors to Locarno. The festival's Food&Music Street makes the ambience even more special with its bars, food trucks and many free concerts. Moon&Stars is not only music and not only a festival, it is an experience!

Jazz Ascona Festivals

Jazz Ascona

JazzAscona is one of the most important jazz festivals in Switzerland and is proud to be the only festival outside the USA that is officially supported by the city of New Orleans. For ten days the town of Ascona is upside down and a warm southern wind blows through the alleys, bringing with it "good vibes" and lots of good music.

Luci e ombre Sommerfest

Luci e Ombre

Animation, music, gastronomy and a fantastic fireworks display, these are the ingredients of Luci e Ombre (Light and Shadow). The summer festival takes place over a long weekend on the lakeside of Locarno-Muralto. Fun for young and old until late at night and on Saturday evening, at 10.45 p.m., the festival ends with the long-awaited fireworks display that lights up the entire Gulf of Locarno.

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Cardada Cimetta Hausberg Locarno


Cardada Cimetta is Locarno's local mountain and can be reached by train in just a few minutes from the city centre. It is a beautiful place, surrounded by nature, for hiking, biking, enjoying the outstanding panorama from the viewing platform or sunbathing on one of the restaurant terraces. 

Die Falknerei (Falconeria) Locarno


The Falconeria Locarno, a green oasis among the buildings of Locarno, just a 15 min walk from Piazza Grande. A dimension of other times, where man and nature harmonise and the ancient art of falconry is preserved in all its beauty.

Abenteuerpark Gordola


The Gordola Adventure Park is an acrobatic park suspended in the air. By installing cables, wooden platforms and ropes, users can safely traverse the trees, requiring balance, concentration, coordination and, to some extent, strength.

Bobosco Locarno


With a boccia ball in your hand, you hike and climb through the green nature and have fun in one of the most fascinating landscapes of Ticino. Your boccia ball is carried up with pulleys, cable cars and slingshots and then rolls down on new and varied routes!





The Tibetan bridge, which is unique in Ticino, connects the hilly Sementina area with the Monte Carasso area. It is 270 metres long and up to 130 metres high. Cross the bridge at airy heights! 

2 Wheels Rental Locarno

2 Wheels Rental

The first e-bike rental and guided tours in Ticino. Now there are no more excuses not to get on your bike and enjoy wonderful days in the mountains!

Mongolfiera Lugano Locarno


Take off from Lugano, fly over the Sottoceneri and fly to Italy. Carried by the wind through the clouds, enjoy breathtaking panoramas of forests, villages, mountains and cultivated fields. An ideal and unusual vantage point to enjoy the beauty of the foothills of the Alps and, in the distance, the majestic Alps. And all this while experiencing an ancient means that has lost none of its charm: the hot air balloon. 

Bungee Jumping Locarno


Why not play James Bond for once and plunge headlong from the Verzasca dam, in a free fall that gets the adrenaline pumping? This is surely the most adventurous experience you can imagine. For a few minutes you can feel like a Hollywood star, imagine being chased by the enemy and jumping into the void at the climax of the escape: a unique experience in a place of exceptional beauty.