Autumn activities in Locarno

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Autumn pleasures

Indian summer, Swiss style. Summer is drawing to a close and nature is putting on its autumn robes. It is the time of year when anything is possible: culinary trips, wellness getaways, outdoor breaks. Whatever tickles your fancy and satisfies your thirst for adventure!

In the kitchen, chestnuts are now taking centre stage. From theme events to village festivals and restaurant visits, the chestnut is the ultimate fruit of autumn and the season’s star ingredient, creatively used in many delicious autumn dishes and desserts.

But the chestnut is not the only seasonal celebrity: Autumn is also the season when the grapes are ripe and the harvest begins. From the vineyards, the grapes are taken to the wine cellars, where they will eventually ripen into precious vintages.

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Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway

An unforgettable journey. The “foliage train” unhurriedly winds its way along the panorama trail from Locarno to Domodossola in the Upper Piemonte in Italy.

Wine cellars

Oenophile secrets. Immerse yourself into the century-old history of wine-making and explore the variety of Ticino vintages.

Casino Locarno

Where the emotion of games is celebrated. Try your luck in a stylish ambience – who knows, you might just hit the jackpot!